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Earth Tradition Passion

The company was founded at the foot of the Lepine mountains, not far from Rome, thanks to the skilful work of the Volpicelli family since four generations, produces and exports extra virgin olive oil, spreads and chestnuts. The family business aim is to produce and obtain the excellence in the production of chestnuts, sauces and extra virgin olive oil.

The activity of the oil mill of the Volpicelli family, begins in the agricultural and rural realities of the mountainous town of Segni (RM).

The oil mill immediately became the point of reference for the community and its neighbouring countries, at that time was in the old town and could be reached with carts and mules

The Volpicelli’s extra virgin olive oil is characterized by an intense green colour, due to the chlorophyll of olives from the high content of Polyphenols, which gives a strong antioxidant power and remarkable nutritional qualities. Thanks to the pressing procedure that still today is the same of the past, cold extraction with stone mills and sweet squeezing, allowing to extract from the fruit the best of the essential oil contained therein, this extra virgin olive oil, preserves intact the organoleptic properties of the fruit, without any addition, made up of 100% olives of the varieties LECCINO, MORAIOLA E FRANTOIO.