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The biological chestnut of Segni can be identified by its oval shape and by the size bigger than the other varieties. The external colour of the peel is dark brown tending to red, it presents a shiny surface with stripes of different shades. The inner pulp, very compact, yellow, is extremely crispy and pleasant to bite, while after cooking keeps a softness tending to chalking. The particularly accentuated taste, pleasing to the palate, is accompanied by practicality in the separation of the peel and its fragrance of undergrowth exalts the rich flavour with a unique sweetness.

Our biological chestnuts are grown and harvested in our chestnut groves, selected and packaged in our company, ready to be tasted.



In the pastry shop is appreciated for the production of marron-glacè and in the preparation of flours.
Particularly tasty, once cooked, the chestnut prefer the combination of red wines, better if young or new wine, fruity.

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