Tradition and passion for more than 4 generations

Our production philosophy is based on the principles of the highest quality with extreme attention to the agronomic procedures in chestnuts and olive groves, as well as in transformation processes, preservation and packaging.

The olives transformation takes place in the family oil mill. The stone mills of our mill, combined with the cold pressing of the olives through a gentle pressure process, as the ancient tradition of expert oil pressers, gives to the oil a unique taste for a product of excellent qualities.

The olives groves cultivated in the highest part of the estate, which extends over a surface of 27 hectares, and also in other areas, allowing to obtain a very fruity extra virgin olive oil with intense green colour.

The chestnuts harvest, handmade and with the modern mechanical means, takes place in October.

The rigorous organisation, that is the result of the competence and passion, leads to a valuable selection of chestnuts in which flavours of our land are exalted.

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The continuous process improvements, olive groves care, careful maintenance of the systems necessary to meet the needs of the increasingly competitive market, are still combined with the traditional cordiality and humility and we are proud to provide only 100% Italian made natural products and our friendly smile.

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